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Cod liver oil the healer of several ailments

Cod liver oil has been around for a long time simply because it contains exceptional healing properties that put an end to many ailments. We are well passed the time when people simply collected the cod liver oil from the cod’s livers that were sitting around in barrels. When buying norwegian cod liver oil you can get the full assurance that the correct health practices where in place to obtain the oil that is free mercury or any other harmful substances.

Cod liver oil has frequently made an appearance in the media and like everyone else you are not quite sure about its acclaimed benefits and if any side effects exist. This article will delve into this very subject and provide with this info and put your mind at ease.

It is a common known fact that all fish oils are rich in A & D vitamins as well as Omega 3 acids but what differentiates cod liver oil from other fish oils is its reduced content of saturated fat. The A vitamin is needed to maintain a healthier immune system and to fight against viral and bacterial infections. It benefits also aid in better skin and eyesight and keeps the bones strong.

All people suffering with inflammatory conditions like arthritis will find relief from omega 3 acid intake. Other functions these amazing fats provide are: improved brain activity, minimizing stress, taking away allergies, help against asthma and controlling all learning and behavioral problems. The fatty acids are made up of EPA and DHA and these are the soldiers of that protect the nervous and immune systems so that the body can retain its overall health. Studies have shown that when you get a daily serving of cod live oil you would have taken measures to prevent diseases associated with the heart, kidney and muscles, cancers, arthritis and high cholesterol.

Any supplement or medication overload will lead to serious problems one needs to follow the correct protocol and ensure the right dose of cod liver oil is taken. Cod liver oil is no exception and the proper amounts need to be consumed. Cod liver oil is safe to take as studies have not shown any adverse reactions nor have there been any serious cases. Everyone is unique therefore it is important to consult with your medical practitioner before embarking on any supplementation regime. This consideration is especially applicable for pregnant woman or people taking meds. It is known that when high doses consumed this can lead to the occurrence of high blood pressure.

There isn’t any doubt that when comparing benefits and side effects that cod liver oil is a goof choice. Aim to get good quality cod liver oil from well known company.


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